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Network Aimed Fuels Trade Automation (NAFTA)

For Small, Medium and Big corporations Size Oil Traders who cannot handle logistics and complexities

Introducing NAFTA from MCC. The premium Swiss Oil and Gas player With NAFTA, which stands for Network Aimed Fuels Trade Automation, every customer can apply for Oil Tenders.

Our fiduciary trading Hub for Oil and Gas, is a perfect customized solution for small and medium size Oil Traders who want to trade but cannot handle the logistics and complexities of Oil and Gas trading.

Our expert trading team will do all the heavy lifting for you, and relieve you from the heavy costs and cumbersome procedures associated with licensing and dealing with refineries. Oil traders, small or large, can purchase Oil and Gas directly from our refineries taking advantage of MCC’s allocations.

We will buy on your behalf from our already negotiated and reserved allocations and transfer the title to you, and upon delivery you can resell to your end users and perform your trading.

MCC, and through NAFTA will negotiate the best price and terms with refineries, handle all escrow and bank issues, perform all due diligence and accreditation processes, obtain all authorizations, facilitate shipping and tank storage, deal with SGS at the ports as well as handle logistics, customs and insurance. All of this without you lifting a finger.

Logon to and qualify today.

MCC ®™, with its petroleum division, MCC OIL GAS Limited – a Swiss entity that has been a major player in this sector since 1980 – is listening and paying attention to the requirements and needs of its existing and new customers.

We are in the business of Oil and Gas marketing and facilitation; we have been buying and selling globally for decades. We have been doing business in Switzerland as MCC Oil Gas (formerly MCC PETROLI COMPANY A.G.) and in Hong Kong as MCC Oil Gas Limited – part of MCC Holding Hong Kong Corp.Ltd.

Our company is registered with some of the big players in the field of Oil and Gas including VITOL, Valero, Chevron, OMV Refineries, Lukoil, and Resent, Gazprom NOC, NOIC, Aramco and many others.

MCC Capital, the Financial Holding of MCC as well as MCC OIL Gas, are both registered with the United Nations as premium suppliers.

Our Trading Desk will assist you in every demand that pertains to Oil and Gas, in terms of refinery allocations, logistics and warehousing where we stock supply in major global ports.

To address the needs of our customers, MCC ®™ is launching its new and innovative NAFTA platform where every customer, small or large, can purchase Oil and Gas directly from our refineries taking advantage of MCC allocations.

NAFTA, which stands for Network Aimed Fuels Trade Automation, every customer can apply for Oil Tenders. Customers need to qualify through a straightforward registration process and once approved, they can purchase using MCC Fiduciary Hub for Oil – NAFTA.

We will buy on your behalf from our already negotiated and reserved allocations and transfer the title of the Oil purchased to you, and upon delivery you can resell to your end users and perform you’re trading.

The process involves a guaranteed deposit (equivalent to a Performance Bond for primary contracts) in the amount of 2% to be placed in an Escrow Account with our reputable Partner Bank to secure the transaction and protect both parties.

Our Partner Bank will issue an Insurance Bond for the benefit of MCC in case of non-performance or default from your side. The Partner Bank will guarantee full payment once Oil delivery has been made to your destination port.

Prequalification Procedures

The Prequalification procedures include:

  1. Application Form (signed and completed)
  2. Confidentiality Agreement (signed and completed)
  3. Know Your Customer – KYC Questionnaire (completed) in the form of CIS ( Client Information Sheet )
  4. Consent to process your personal data (signed and completed)
  5. Copies of the following supporting corporate documents:
  • Proof of company incorporation and authorization of signatories
  • Passport copy for each shareholder owning more than 25% in company shares
  • Audited financial statements for the past three years in English
  • VAT certificate

MCC NAFTA Services

Refinery Allocation

Refinery Storage

Refinery Logistics

Destinations Delivery

NAFTA Advantages

Using our NAFTA system, Traders (You) will be able to avoid all complexities involved in Oil & Gas trading and these include:

  • Prequalification procedures with each and every refiner Such procedures include:
    1. Sending your Corporate Profile by DHL to the P.R. and Investor Office of the refinery
    2. Waiting for their managers’ acceptance to receive a Letter of Invitation
    3. When and if you get a Letter of Invitation, you will need to arrange for flight and accommodation for a minimum of 3 days to explore the refinery and its facilities. Traders (You) are required to fill out documents for approval by the refinery’s Board of Directors and usually wait for a period of 6 months to plan the visit.
    4. During this 6 month period, Traders (You) need to furnish the following documents:
      1. Bank Comfort Letters from 3 banks certifying their good standing and verifying the ability to conduct Oil and Gas deals in millions of dollars. Such letters need to be renewed on an annual basis.
      2. Recent Bank Statements not older than 1 month that show at least 6 months of trading activities.
      3. Company Registration Certificate.
      4. Certificate of Good standing of the company.
      5. Last 3 years of certified Balance Sheets and annual turnover and proof that country local taxes have been settled and paid.
      6. Revenues in the past 5 years and projected revenues for the upcoming years.
      7. Certified audited statements by Ernst/Young, PwC, Moody’s, KPMG or Deloitte.
      8. Valid and notarized government-issued passport copies for every shareholder owning more than 25% shares.
      9. Valid and notarized government-issued passport copy of the company’s director or CEO.
      10. Clean criminal records of the company’s directors.
      11. 3 past performances to share in the past 5 years.
      12. A minimum deposit of $500,000 USD to be paid to the refinery you are applying for.
    5. After approval from the refinery’s Board of Directors, you will be required to make another visit to the refinery and deliver the qualification documents in person and get approved to be a refinery’s mandate to sell.
    6. Once the above procedures have been completed, you will be furnished with an Allocation Title Holder Master Number with sub-allocations for every tender accepted by you or your end users to trade and store Oil and Gas. You are required to either purchase or rent a Tank Farm accompanied with a valid TSA (Tank Storage Agreement) authorized by the refinery.
    7. The refinery will create an official and certified Intranet e-mail address for you to securely communicate with them and share digital documents accompanied with valid hard copies. You will be part of the refinery’s internal ecosystem protecting you and the refinery from spam, phishing and fraudulent communications and activities.
  • MCC’s NAFTA allows you to bypass all the above complex procedures and saves you time, money and effort in dealing with refineries. NAFTA helps you:
    1. Find the right refined Oil that suits your needs.
    2. Negotiate the best price and terms on your behalf.
    3. Issue the Letter of Credits, Bank Guarantees and all legal documents required by refineries to transact Oil and Gas.
    4. Perform on your behalf all due diligences and the accreditation processes for every
    5. Obtain all needed authorizations by the destination country to receive Oil shipments from the producer’s refinery.
    6. Facilitate Oil storage with Tank Storage companies prior to
    7. Coordinate with the Oil Shipping Company to deliver on time and to your port of destination.
    8. Deal with SGS at the ports.
    9. Deal with CUSTOMs at the destination port.
    10. Deal with banks and insurance companies in case of issues.


  • Monitor shipments and follow-up with our Partners Marine Traffic, Q88 and communicate with ship commander and crew to ensure timely

Keep in mind that above procedures need to be replicated for each and every refinery you decide to deal with. If $500,000 USD are required for each refinery, imagine what will happen when you have to deal with 10. That is $5M USD up front. Not to mention the headache of dealing with disputes, penalties and legal suits.


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